Musical Instrument Amplifiers

"Built the way they used to build them"

Hamilton-Kolby has developed a small line of custom-built vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers inspired by the finest examples from the golden age of tweed. We believe that the magic of these amplifiers results not only from their circuit design, but from the construction materials and techniques used to build them.  Our amplifiers are truly "built the way they used to build them". And they sound like their older counterparts too.

Consider these features:

  • Chrome-plated steel chassis
  • Finger-jointed solid pine cabinet
  • Point-to-point, hand-wired circuit using authentic vulcanized fiber-board and brass eyelets
  • Highest quality components - SwitchcraftTM jacks, SpragueTM caps, Alpha and CTS Pots, Weber VST or Jensen loudspeakers
  • Chassis-mounted tube sockets, controls, and jacks
  • Removable speaker baffle board
DLX-12 Top Panel

In addition, the following features make the product more resilient, more maintainable, and more robust than their forebearers:

  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • 3-wire grounded industrial-duty cord with moulded 3-wire plug
  • Customer selectable loudspeaker and vacuum tube complement
  • Reverb option - Accutronics spring reverb, vintage vacuum tube circuit
DLX-12 Amplifier

Available Models:

  • Hamilton-Kolby DLX-12 -- 12 watt Class-AB, Push-pull 6V6GT output, 12" loudspeaker (pictured)
  • Hamilton-Kolby SPR-210 -- 25-watt Class-AB, Push-pull 6L6GC/5881 output, 2-10" loudspeakers
  • Hamilton-Kolby PRO-15 -- 25-watt Class-AB, Push-pull 6L6GC/5881 output, 15" loudspeaker
  • Hamilton-Kolby BF-PRN-10 12-watt Class-AB, Push-pull 6V6 output, 10" loudspeaker
  • Hamilton-Kolby BRN-DLX-12 12-watt Class-AB, Push-pull 6V6 output, 12" loudspeaker

All models are available with an optional two-tube spring reverb, and customer choice of loudspeaker type. For prices, please see our Price List Page.

Hamilton-Kolby CA-12 Amplifier Classic Control Panel -- The essence of simplicity. Every unit is supplied with an Owner's Manual that describes all features, a technical discussion of how it works, and schematic diagram for long-term serviceability.
Inside Hamilton-Kolby CA-12 Amplifier With an ultra-clean layout, and eminently servicable, these amplifiers are made to last for decades, just as so many of their predecessors are working today.

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