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This price list is effective December 1, 2006. Prices are subject to change without notice. Lead time is 45 days after order or by verbal quote. Prices are FOB Concord, MA, USA.

Because these units are custom made-to-order, we require an initial deposit of half the listed price. The remainder is due prior to delivery. MA Sales Tax applies to Massachusetts residents.


Model Description Price
DLX-12 Vintage style tweed amplifier, 12 watts RMS, 12" AlNiCo speaker
DLX-12R Same as DLX-12 but with integrated reverb
PRO-15 Vintage style tweed amplifier, 25 watts RMS, 15" AlNiCo speaker
PRO-15R Same as PRO-15 but with integrated reverb
SPR-210 Vintage style tweed amplifier, 25 watts RMS, two 10" AlNiCo speakers
SPR-210R Same as SPR-210 but with integrated reverb

Reverb Module VTR1

Reverb unit with 2-or-3-spring reverb tank, leatherette bag, and vacuum-tube drive and recovery circuit. Factory installed only.......$275

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