VTR1 Reverb Module

Hamilton-Kolby Custom Electronics has developed a vacuum-tube based Reverb Module that can be added to most any tweed replica or blackface-era FenderTM amplifier. This module, when incorporated into your guitar amplifier, will give you the additional rich concert-hall sound of a Fender style reverb.

The Hamilton-Kolby VTR1 Reverb Module is built using traditional fiber board and eyelet construction, housed in an aluminum chassis, uses two vacuum tubes, and employs a 9- or 17-inch spring reverb tank, which is mounted in the bottom of your amp cabinet.

The VTR1 Module mounts to the right inside wall (looking from the rear of the cabinet) and derives power from the host amplifier.

Note: Installing the VTR1 requires drilling a 3/8" hole in your amplifier chassis for feeding the connecting wires and cables. It is not recommended for vintage amplifiers if collectable value is to be maintained.

The VRT1 Reverb module is built with components of the highest quality available --

  • Sprague ATOMTM electrolytic capacitors,
  • SBE716 Orange Drop capacitors,
  • Vintage style fiber board and brass eyelets.
  • Stainless RCA jacks and MIL-spec tube sockets.
  • Accutronics Reverb Tank

(Sorry, this module is not customer-installable or available as a kit)

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