Hamilton-Kolby BRN-DLX-12 Amplifier

The Hamilton-Kolby BRN-DLX-12 Amplifier is a premium quality, hand-made mid-size combo amplifier built in the early 1960's brown-panel tradition. It's a replica of the Fender brown "Deluxe" amp, from 1961-1963. Powered by a pair of 6V6GT power tubes, this combo amp delivers a classic sound, owing to its original 6G3 circuit with integrated bias-modulated tremolo.

  • finger-jointed pine cabinet,
  • 12" Ceramic magnet speaker,
  • 6G3 vacuum tube circuit
  • chassis-mounted steel pots
  • SwitchcraftTM jacks,
  • eyelet-board construction,
  • hand-soldered connections

All in all, a rugged, reliable, and road-ready device.



Power Output: 12 RMS Watts into 8 ohms
Circuit: "6G3" Class AB push-pull, fixed bias, long-tail PI
Speaker: 12" Jensen C12Q (or customer-requested)

Construction: Plated steel chassis; Hand-wired, point-to-point vulcanized fiber circuit board with brass eyelets. Pine finger-jointed cabinet. Brown Tolex Covering.

Inputs: 2 Normal; 2 Bright, 1/4" jacks
Outputs: 8 ohm speaker, internal and external, 1/4" jacks
Controls: Volume (Normal), Tone; Volume (Bright), Tone; Speed, Intensity
At rear: Power On/Off, 2A "Slo-Blo" Fuse.

Height: 17" (17-1/2" to top of handle)
Width: 21"
Depth: 10-1/2 " at base; 9-1/2 " at top
Weight: 45 lbs.
Power Consumption: 120VAC, 150W

Tube Complement - Amplifier Section:
3 12AX7 Low-Noise Dual Triode
2 6V6GT Beam Power Tetrode
1 5AR4/GZ34 Rectifier


Leatherette amp cover
Customer specified loudspeaker.
Customer specified NOS or boutique tubes

Made in U.S.A.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

H-K BRN-DLX-12 Amplfier

From the March 2005 edition of the ToneQuest Report:

"These amps pioneered innovations that remain Fender and industry standards to this day. Responding to input straight from the bandstand, Leo moved the controls to the front for the first time. Fragile tweed was not holding up well on the original Fender line; enter the idea of tolex, another feature that was copied by other manufacturers. Brown Fender amps have a place in history as the first appearance of a fully evolved version of the modern tube amp designed for the guitarist. Not a whole lot has changed in this ergonomic design since Leo laid it down for us back in 1960, and to own one of these amps is to possess a relic from the very beginnings of tube-and-tolex magic."

Hamilton-Kolby BRN-DLX-12 Amplifier chassis in final assembly

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