Hamilton-Kolby DLX-12 Amplifier

The Hamilton-Kolby DLX-12 Amplifier is a premium quality, hand-made combo amplifier built in the 50's tweed tradition. Powered by a pair of 6V6GT power tubes, this small combo amp delivers classic tweed tone from a tweed-covered, finger-jointed pine cabinet, one 12" AlNiCo loudspeaker and classic 5E3 vacuum tube circuit. Genuine chassis-mounted steel pots, SwitchcraftTM jacks, eyelet-board construction, and hand-soldered connections make this a rugged, reliable, and road-ready device. An optional reverb module provides a rich large-hall ambience.

Hamilton-Kolby DLX-12 Amplifier

Made in U.S.A.
Specifications subject to change without notice.


Power Output: 12 RMS Watts into 8 ohms
Circuit: "5E3" Class AB push-pull output
Speaker: 12" Jensen P12Q or Weber AlNiCo

Construction: Plated steel chassis; Hand-wired, point-to-point vulcanized fiber circuit board with brass eyelets. Pine finger-jointed cabinet; Light lacquered Tweed Covering.

Inputs: 2 Normal; 2 Bright, 1/4" jacks
Outputs: 8 ohm speaker, internal and external, 1/4" jacks
Controls: Volume Normal, Volume Bright, Tone, Power On/Off, Standby On/Off, 2A "Slo-Blo" Fuse. Reverb option has reverb level control accessible at rear of amplifier cabinet.

Height: 16-3/4"
Width: 20"
Depth: 9-1/2" at base
Weight: 25 lbs.
Power Consumption: 120VAC, 200W

Tube Complement - Amplifier Section:
2 12AX7 Low-Noise Dual Triode
2 6V6GT Tetrode
1 5Y3GT Rectifier

Tube Complement - Optional Reverb Module:
1 12AX7 Low-Noise Dual Triode
1 12AT7 Medium MU Dual Triode

H-K VTR1 Reverb Module
with 17" spring reverb (medium or long delay)
Customer specified amp covering extra.
Customer specified loudspeaker extra.
Customer specified NOS or boutique tubes extra.


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