We're a small New England company that specializes in vacuum tube audio for the musician or music enthusiast. We restore and rebuild vacuum tube based guitar and bass amplifiers with the goals of making them as rugged and dependable as ever, while renewing and preserving their classic sound quality. With those goals in mind, we offer a line of new amplifiers inspired by the best of the older originals.

"Built the way they used to build them"

Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers

Hamilton-Kolby has developed a small line of custom-built vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers inspired by the finest examples from the golden age of tweed. We believe that the magic of these amplifiers results not only from their circuit design, but from the construction materials and techniques used to build them.  They're truly "built the way they used to build them". And they sound pretty awesome too.

  • Finger-jointed pine cabinet
  • Lacquered and Shellac'd Tweed Covering or Vintage-style Brown Tolex
  • Plated Steel chassis
  • Fiberboard and eyelet construction
  • Vintage-style loudspeakers
  • Highest quality components, pots, jacks, and switches
  • Optional spring reverb for some models

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Vacuum Tube Amp Repair

Serving the Boston Massachusetts region for close to two decades, we have the experience, the know-how, and the skill required to repair your vacuum-tube based instrument amplifier to like-new condition, whether it be a recent reissue, or a gem from the '50s. If you are the owner of an older instrument amplifier -- whether a "closet classic" in great cosmetic condition, or a tired, beat-to-death amp fallen from grace, we'll do what's necessary to bring it back to life and make it reliable once more.

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